They say an image is worth more than a thousand words…

So a video must be way better, right?

Creativity emerges as soon as patterns break.


As a Designer , creating stories that convey important messages is my passion, as such, it has given me more than 15 years of joy  helping people share their ideas trough graphic and multimedia experiences.


We love finding beauty and meaning in the world around us, and the digital world has expanded our reach, I believe we need to promote great ideas while evoking the imagination of our society.


Working with clients from North & South America, for most of my career allowed me to recently expand to the european market,  But if you are in Switzerland we could meet for a coffee.


Let’s first talk about your ideas and about what you need to say,  a picture is better than a thousand words, people loves watching videos and if there’s something you want to sell, we’ll make an app for that.


Design is an opportunity

How are the creative stories of the future going to look like?

Video and Animation

Illusion of motion, capturing stories trough the lens of camera, bringing ideas to life with full creative freedom.

Art & Graphic Design

Art as a social and functional expression becomes the spirit of a great graphic design identity.

Web Development

Your ideas and projects deserve more than just a website or an app, we design experiences that bring people together.

We want to create something that does more than just look nice on a screen.

Video & Animation

What’s the story your brand has to tell? 

Let’s put it literally in motion. 

Animators and designers, we deal with persistance of vision, 3D design, motion graphics and videography are the tools we use to bring your ideas to life . Your style, your vision, our creativity and expertise. 

Alright – time to share a great story, let me help you !

Action & Movement

Stories are a powerful tool in human communication, sharing stories is a great way to connect with people. In hearing a story, you may relate to another person and identify with their situation, feelings or desires.

Digital storytelling adds to a whole new level to regular storytelling by allowing the storyteller to include images, pictures, music, and interactive elements to enrich their story and engage with the audience.

the old illusion of movement.

Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.

Norman Mclaren.

3d Visualisations are always better than boring flat plans.

To be successful in this field, you need to become a problem solver with good
observation skills and a desire to create things.

As you never stop learning in this field, facing new challenges with every new project, many of which
require innovative solutions that you must discover on your own. 

William Vaughan

Stories meant to be told.

As artists we have an extraordinary and rare privilege to tell the stories of our people, our land, our culture.

 They grip us, tear us apart, and put us back together. 

We are our stories.

Mena Massoud

Imagine less, inspire more.
Create it, show it to the world.

We’re all inspired by what has come before us, but hope to use the inspiration to create our own. That’s the artist’s journey. It’s a pretty amazing path.

Michael Giacchino

Art & Graphic Design

Specialized in creating unique graphic design blending modern digital technology with fine art skills and creativity.

Focusing our efforts and  passion to help brands  and businesses get noticed and differentiate themselves from the competition and staying ahead of the game.

We strive to infuse originality, simplicity and character into new and well established brands. From local businesses and small startups to social institutions, tech and tourism, our clients love working with us because we follow a strategic methodology, design thoughtfully and listen carefully so their ideas and messages can be  clearly seen, heard and felt.

Brand identity design

A thoughtfully designed visual identity is an investment that, when combined with an excellent product or service, pays off year after year, and plays an important role in helping to turn potential buyers into loyal customers.

Web Development

The most important aspect of design is to successfully communicate information. The message itself is determined by your objectives, but the design is a vital factor in just how the message is perceived by the target audience.

As experts in graphic and web design, implementing technology to bring people closer together and offering fulfilling interactive experiences is our goal.

We build great things together.

We don’t simply take your order and develop your web project or web application but provide web development services that give attention to every single detail of your project since we understand that it must fulfill a specific business objective.

Accompanying our clients and partners is what makes our service stand out, we dont collect clients and images for our portfolio, we build connections, trust and share our success stories.

My favourite words are possibilities, opportunities and curiosity. I think if you are curious, you create opportunities, and then if you open the doors, you create possibilities.

Antonio Omar Noriega

Digital Content Marketing specialist