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Let me help you achieve your professional goals using the best set of digital tools and developing the correct business mindset.

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"The Digital Entrepreneur's Guide"
Grow your business into the future

Everything you need to know to start

It begins with an idea, but in order to turn in into a business, you're going to need a plan. This digital business blueprint will guide you through the process of building a business from scratch, or upgrading your existing business model, so you can take advantage of the digital tools that will transform your business into the future.

Pushing your business forward

It's not just about making money.
In today's economic ecosystem it's vital to build upon your brand, aligning your values with your ideal customers and providing a satisfying experience. Find out all the necessary steps and how to execute a successful business strategy.

Expanding and reaching new clients

Being a business owner is a full time job if you want to see it grow, but it doesn't mean you have to do it the hard way. Discover the tools and strategies to automate and optimize your operations, reaching out for new clients and creating engaging marketing campaigns that result in happier customers and better sales.

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What's my specialty?

Entrepreneur Coaching

It’s easier to follow the dream, if you know how to do it properly.

Having spent the last 10 years as an entrepreneur, building businesses and  helping startups,  I found the right tools to get the job done.

Problem-Solving  experience has helped me develop the right steps and methods for success in the digital world.


Having big ideas is great, but recognizing the right opportunities is even better.

Successful businesses need a clear and sustainable plan to thrive in today’s competitive markets and globalized world. 

 My approach focuses on providing long-term value, building a market base that remains flexible to the client needs while developing  smart and  ethical relationships.

Tools & Training

Because as long as our society keeps moving and changing, there will always be more to learn. 

Put yourself on the best possible position, take advantage of the tools our current technology has to offer, making it easier and more efficient to get professional results. Stay ahead of the competition and be the first to profit from those opportunities.

We can solve it

Let’s take challenges and turn them into opportunities.

How would you like to improve your business today, so that it is ready for the future?

My e-Books & Courses

I love creating value  and sharing information, convinced that the power of knowledge should be made available for everyone.

I want You to have all the help available, so that you can take action, get control over your opportunities, and dominate over the competition. 

I am sure that here you will learn a skill, find a shortcut, or come up with new ideas for your business needs.

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My story

Hi, my name is Omar.

I was born on April 26, 1986 in Cancun, a paradise on the shores of the Caribbean Sea in Mexico.

If i had been born the same day  at the same time in Chernobyl, Ukraine, the story would surely have been very different.

I reached this world in the midst of the action and revolutions of the twentieth century to grow during the explosion of the internet, personal computers and the boom of Music Videos on MTV.

Since my childhood, I was always attracted to creativity and technology, video games and 3D animation, I remember  my first PC was an Intel 386 with 500KB of RAM and 80MB of storage.

I was always a self-taught person, in the same way that I learned electronics by disassembling all the appliances in my home, it was how I learned to move within the digital world, using reverse engineering, discovering all the pieces that make up a problem, step by step.

Let me help you achieve your goals in a smart and profitable way.